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Critics Of The World Unite

Posted on Friday, 28th July 2017

I was watching the show First Dates recently. Not the standard creative process I know.

However, on more than one occasion one of the couples asked the other how they thought the date was going.

Am I that out of touch with modern dating?

I was not aware that a review system was now in operation, but then I got thinking.

I bought some socks the other day, I had average service and as I paid the manager asked if I would go online and review my experience.

My experience? I picked up some socks and went to the counter and paid. It was not like I had a suit made, or ordered a specified car.

When did this become the norm? I am proud of my background in retail many years ago. We were paid well and worked really hard for the customer. The only “feedback” received was if there was a complaint.

So in place of service, or in the case of dating, charm, good manners, and fun we now have an online poll.

Maybe next time I am at the self service section of the supermarket I will ring for assistance and ask.

How did I do today?