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Grave Matters

Posted on Friday, 8th January 2016

You know the feeling that you get when you do not see the outcome of a funny situation.  For example at a murder mystery event years ago we were handed notebooks to aid with our investigation.

I suspected they were being recycled and wrote, “The Butler did it” in the back of mine. Childish for certain but the thought of someone reading it amuses me to this day.

I was on the receiving end of something similar recently.

My late Fathers grave is an area that I rarely visit.  Recently I went and took some plants, the headstone had seriously deteriorated since I was last there. 

This upset me, as I had it refurbished not that long ago and was pondering the situation when one of the Chapels volunteers came over. 

I mentioned the state of the stone and asked if she knew anyone that would come and have a look at it. She told me that the grave four plots down had just been done and she would get the contact details for me.

She also said that the lady who came and visited that grave was the person who had planted the beautiful holly bush on my Fathers plot. I asked why had she done that, and she replied that as nobody seemed to visit she took it upon herself to brighten it up.

In this day and age acts of such incredible kindness leave me speechless, and gives me so much hope.

It was not done for any reward, or recognition, it was just a lovely act from a lovely lady.

I passed on my thanks, and I hope to do something as kind for someone else.

I will endeavour to visit my Father more often.