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Live It, Don’t Snap It

Posted on Friday, 9th October 2015

I attended a concert at the weekend, it was a small intimate venue. It was hot, crowded and the atmosphere was amazing.

However it was marred for me by a phenomenon that I just do not understand.

The constant glare of smartphones videoing the experience, or posting on Facebook the video then checking for the reassuring red symbol at the top of the screen to show people have watched/liked/ commented on it.

Why would you travel to a venue, pay good money, get dressed up and then watch it via your phone. Then hope your evening is validated by online friends.

You could have a glass of wine, a takeaway and watch it at home on TV, sure you miss the atmosphere but at least you are comfy.

I prefer to immerse myself in the experience, enjoy the music and place it in my memories.

On our honeymoon we went to the opera at Verona, in reality it was damp and a bit cold, but my recollection is of beautifully coloured sets, amazing costumes, the sun going down as the music began, and of holding my wife’s hand.

It is without doubt one of the highlights of my life. I do not need a constant reminder of it by a grainy pic, or a shaky video. I play the soundtrack or just recall the experience at will.

Our personal i clouds (memories) rarely let us down. They romanticise but do we always need accuracy?

Take the odd picture if you have to, but try leaving your phone in your pocket, or even braver do not carry one.

Or just rent a DVD and stay at home.