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Chicken Surprise

Posted on Friday, 2nd October 2015

As regular readers know I never discuss work related items, or the exciting world that is branded merchandise.

However something happened that may apply to the outside world.

A client once told me that he did not care what anyone thought of the merchandise that he ordered as there would always be an in house “expert” with an opinion on how they would have done it better.

Not everyone has that confidence though.

We sometimes see things differently here. That does not make one of us right or the other wrong. That is the thing with creative solutions, it is not black and white.

So what do you do when faced with a creative problem? Do you please everybody, or do you go with something that you love. I take the view that if you are going to make a mistake, make it your own mistake.

Obviously this leads us into the thorny discussion of wedding food.

My friend Paul once asked for advice on his upcoming wedding. Mine was for him and Nancy (bride to be) to do whatever they wanted to do. You will not please everybody, it is impossible, so please yourselves.

So instead of dull bland rubber chicken, we had Duck. Instead of a rubbish disco we had real ale, cheese and Ceilidh dancing.

Now I hate cheese, was not sure about dancing, but love duck and real ale.

However it was the courage of the conviction that stood out, you could tell the bride and groom were having a great day and that spread to the congregation. Without doubt it was one of the best weddings that I have been to.

Now some people may not like the food, they probably think they could have chosen better. Hindsight is always 20/20 in clarity.

Being safe is easy, bland, obtainable, but then you get lost in a sea of forgettable wedding food/ dull merchandise at an exhibition.

Taking it further, how does that advance your career if your reputation is for nice and safe.

Take a risk, be memorable, you can dine off an innovative idea for years.

Or order the chicken…