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Text D For Dating

Posted on Friday, 4th September 2015

Are you the kind of person that likes to reread the same book. Do you like to revisit the story, digest the narrative. 

Sometimes after a period of time has passed it is nice to go back. Once the story is not the main focus you tend to concentrate on the writing, the characters, the nuances.

I am not suggesting this technique for all books, but some do benefit from another read and some you know are a one - time deal.

This is the same as the modern world of dating. Not so long ago dates were a big deal, hair was done, outfits were bought, and many hours of worry and preparation went into it. This was before any prawn cocktails had been imbibed.

Then there were rounds of waiting for phone calls, maybe a second or third date. This process could go on for some time, but some things are just worth the wait.

Not now, with the advent of apps and websites, you can call in a date like a pizza. You could have coffee with someone after work, then drinks with someone else.

Like with anything though familiarity breed’s contempt, boys forget to shave, women tie the hair back, and one date blends into another.

It could be very easy to miss out on meeting that special person in a sea of dates. They are lost in the maelstrom of small talk, coffee, salsa or whatever meal deal coupon is on that week.

With social media being the way it is now you may even not get to that first date.  You could be lured in by a practised marketeer, and the badly promoted prospect slips by. As in e bay, sometimes the gold is in the poorly prepared advert.

Some people like narrative improve with age, once initial impressions are dispensed with; people change once you get to know them, once you learn their character.

For example how many attractive people have you met that get ugly the more you get to know them, on the other hand that shy bumbling first date may lead into the funniest most lovable person you have ever met.

A few friends of mine are back in the world of dating at the moment and this is their first foray into the new world. I think as always we should use the current technology but also embrace the techniques of the past.

Time, effort and focus should still be expended, after all this could be for life. As in all things, do not be to quick to be lured in by a great picture and advert.

However as you know I am a child of the 70’s

I have an eight - track mind.