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All You Need Is Love

Posted on Friday, 21st August 2015

I think there are two things that you should never do.

One is be in a job that you hate, the other is to be in a relationship with someone that you cannot stand.

You see it all the time, the sniping, the bile filled comments. In that situation Walk Away Renee as the Four Tops would counsel.

I understand it can be tough, in fact one of my closest friends who is a lot older gave some advice on the eve of my wedding day. “It’s hard work”.

He was right as he often was, anything that you love needs attention, constant recalibration but people evolve and change and so does a relationship.

As with everything though you often find that anything that we love is simple and straightforward. We take comfort in familiar smells, sounds and food. It makes us feel safe.

Love is the same, if you meet someone and it is hard work, with both of you fighting for different things, negotiating all the time, I can save you time. It will not work.

If you have core beliefs on time keeping and hygiene for example, your new late pungent partner will not last, these habits just do not shift.

So how do you know you have met the “one”?

It is when it is natural and the most obvious thing in the world to be with that person. I know it sounds blunt, and lacking romance but it is the truth.

I am not talking about pipe and slippers, I am talking about when all you want is to be with that person. 

My Uncle always told me to imagine going on a package holiday with them and running out of money. Would you both cope?

Forget the tempestuous stuff, that is for the films, plus it is very tiring.

So another big subject tackled in the blog, we have covered why you should read Salman Rushdie before Jessie J, you know why I ended up in gifts, now love is dealt with.

I mentioned being unhappy in a job?

Get off your backside and start looking…