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Just Another Night Out

Posted on Friday, 31st July 2015

Recently I was chatting with Elijah Wood at a film premiere for the film Set Fire To The Stars.

It was held in a beautiful hotel in the West End of London. We were all having fun drinking gin and celebrating the success of the movie.

Then two Lord Of The Rings fans managed to get in. The first response was to call security, but Elijah had a different idea.

He knew all they wanted was a picture and to say hi, and so he asked them over, took a couple of selfies as he thought the first one was not great.  He asked them a few questions.

The fans were thrilled, and then they left. The process took a couple of minutes and there was no fuss, just two delighted fans.

They tweeted the photos, said how nice he was, and as agreed did not reveal our location so we were not inundated.

It was so kind of him, but also professional, but when I thought about it later it must be part of the job. Intrinsically though he is just a really lovely person.

Maybe this is something to think about when you are going about your daily grind. When you are unpleasant for no reason, or snap at someone.

Ask yourself, are you a professional, or just rude.