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Castros Last Stand

Posted on Friday, 11th April 2014

Whilst on holiday in Cuba recently I was forced to confront the death of communism and especially the notion of full employment.

A café where Mrs T and myself went for lunch had three main items for sale, pizza, sandwiches and pancakes.

There were 12 tables, but 5 or 6 staff were always on duty.

The service was beyond poor, if the waiter took two orders he would fret and say how busy he was. The customers were laughing at how poor it was.

So when you were offered your food you took it. Rarely was it what was ordered but better that than to go to the back of the queue again.

If you had any dietary needs forget it, you really did get what you were given.

The notion that everyone is equal and receives the same pay and living conditions is admirable but reality and emotion get in the way. Humans have aspirations.

There was so many staff there was no ownership of a task everyone expected the other one to do it. I can only imagine the leap in service if they halved the number of staff, increased the wages and brought in a bonus structure.

Also there was no incentive to shine, no chance of progression.

So in a sometimes bleak world it is good to know that the cause of the decline in communism is not the rights or wrongs of the system.

It is human nature.